HST STIS Filenames

Hubble Space Telescope HST filenames and extensions

HST filenames and extensions

The HST Science Archive contains data and meta-data.

The generic access method at CADC for HST data is the following:

Instrument Filenames Official documentation
ACS ( J ): Advanced Camera for Survey ACS ACS Handbook at STScI
COS (L): Cosmic Origin Spectrograph COS COS Handbook at STScI
FOC ( X ): Faint Object Camera (retired) FOC FOC Handbook at STScI
FOS ( X ): Faint Object Spectrograph (retired) FOS FOS Handbook at STScI (PDF)
HRS ( Z ): Goddard High Resolution Spectrograph (retired) HRS HRS Handbook at STScI
NICMOS ( N ): Near infrared Camera and Multi-Object Spectrograph NICMOS NICMOS Handbook at STScI
STIS ( O ): Space Telescope Imaging Spectrograph STIS STIS Handbook at STScI
WFPC2 ( U ): Wide field Planetary Camera 2 (retired) WFPC2 WFPC2 Handbook at STScI
WFC3 ( I ): Wide Field Camera 3 WFC3 WFC3 Handbook at STScI
WFPC ( W ): Wide field Planetary Camera (retired) WFPC WFPC Handbook at STScI (PDF)
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