These pages provide documentation for the CADC Data Provider and Archive User services. For interactive Archive Users access to our service consult Web UI section, for prgramatic interactions please consult the Web API section. Data providers, such as telescopes, should consult the Data Provider section of our documentation pages. Please report any errors or ommisions to

Archive User Web Interfaces (Web-UI)

This section describs the CADC's interactive interfaces.

Archive User Web API

This section describes the CADC programmatic interfaces.

  • Direct Data Service: Download data directly from the CADC storage. Useful if you have an understanding of the data collections and want to download large numbers of files.
  • Table Access Protocol: Make programmatic queries to the CADC database tables.

Data Provider Interface

This section describes the how to use the CADC to archive your telescope data.

  • Archive Services: An introduction to the CADC Archive services.
  • CAOM Introduction: a description of the Common Archive Observation Model, used for storing observational metadata in a database that is common across different telescopes.
  • Store data to archive: how to copy data files from a local data source into the CADC Archive Directory.
  • Proprietary Data: how telescope data providers can control access to proprietary data and meta-data.
  • Creating CAOM2 records:
    • Java A Java client for creating CAOM2 database entries
    • Python A Python library to assist in creating CAOM2 databse entries
  • Store metadata: instructions on how to copy CAOM2 metadata records into the CADC database system.