The CADC Archive is divided into a number of sub-archives, eg. CFHT, JCMT, HST, etc. Each of these archives has strict access control mechanism in place, to prevent un-authorized retrieval and/or putting of files. In its most simple form the data web service accepts connections for specifically authorized users who 'PUT' or 'GET' files from the archive over an HTTP(S) link.

The CADC storage system is housed behind a web service portal that distributes requests to GET and PUT files across our cloud storage infrastructure. That storage infrastructure is located in a number of geographically distinct locations.

Data transfer service redirects requests for files to the geographic location that is expected to provide the best data rate base on the geographic location assocaited with the IP address of an incoming request. The details of the interaction are describe in the data web service documentation area.

To simplify interactions with the data web service the CADC provides a set of Python based client tools, including the cadc-copy application.

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