James Clerk Maxwell Telescope

The JCMT Science Archive (JSA), a collaboration between the CADC and EAO, is the official distribution site for observational data obtained with the James Clerk Maxwell Telescope (JCMT) on Mauna Kea, Hawaii.

The JSA search interface is provided by the CADC Search tool, which provides generic access to the complete set of telescopic data archived at the CADC. Help on the use of this tool is provided via tooltips. For additional information on instrument capabilities and data reduction, please consult the SCUBA-2 and ACSIS instrument pages provided on the EAO maintained JCMT pages. JCMT-specific help related to the use of the CADC AdvancedSearch tool is available from the EAO.

Programmatic access to the complete JCMT archive is also available via the CADC Table Access Protocol (TAP). TAP is an IVOA standards based approach to querying remote databases. The contents accessible via TAP are identical to those presented using the AdvancedSearch interface. To learn the structure of queries that can be made using the TAP service see the 'Query' tab on the CADC Search page.

All accessible JCMT observations are available through the AdvancedSearch interface, including spectral datacubes produced by ACSIS as well as images taken with the SCUBA-2 camera. The raw observations are available in NDF format. Each ACSIS and SCUBA-2 observation is also available as reduced products in FITS format with a full set of world coordinate system headers.

All public JCMT data can be downloaded freely from the CADC. Observation products remain proprietary as long as the raw data from which they were derived remains proprietary. Users authorized to access these data should log in using their CADC username and password, after which they will be able to search for and download proprietary data from all JCMT projects of which they are members.

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