HST WFC3 Filenames

Hubble Space Telescope WFC3 filenames

WFC3 filenames

Note: The WFC3 files names are all starting with the letter 'I'

Note: The 9th character of an association of simple observation is always '0' at CADC

Note: Please consult the full documentation.

The suffixes used for WFC3 raw and calibrated data products are described in the following and closely mimic those used by ACS and NICMOS.

For a unique observation

CADC file names (proxy) File Suffix Description Units Type Access Example
ixxxxxxxx_raw.fits _RAW.FITS Raw data DN RAW i9zl53i0q_raw.fits
ixxxxxxxx_spt.fits _SPT.FITS Telescope and WFC3 telemetry and engineering data RAW i9zl53i0q_spt.fits
ixxxxxxxx_trl.fits _RAW.FITS Trailer file with processing log RAW i9zl53i0q_trl.fits
ixxxxxxxx_flt.fits _FLT.FITS Calibrated, flat-fielded individual exposure electrons (UVIS) / electrons/s (IR) CAL i9zl53i0q_flt.fits
ixxxxxxxx_flt_hlet.fits _FLT_HLET.FITS Headerlet header for mapping geometric distorsion CAL i9zl53i0q_flt_hlet.fits
ixxxxxxxx_ima.fits _IMA.FITS Calibrated intermediate MultiAccum IR exposure electrons CAL i9zl53i0q_ima.fits

For a composite observation (9th character is '0')

CADC file names (proxy) File Suffix Description Units Type Access Example
ixxxxxxx0_asn.fits _ASN.FITS Association file for observation set RAW i9zl45010_asn.fits
ixxxxxxx0_drz.fits _DRZ.FITS Calibrated, geometrically-corrected, dither-combined image electrons CAL i9zl45010_drz.fits

For more details, please consult the WFC3 instrument handbook at STScI.

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