HST HOS Filenames

Hubble Space Telescope FOS filenames

FOS filenames

Note: The FOS files names are all starting with the letter 'Y'

Note: Please consult the full documentation.

CADC file names (proxy) File Suffix Description Units Type Access Example
yxxxxxxxx_d0f.fits _D0F.FITS Science data image RAW y0dv0206r_d0f.fits
yxxxxxxxx_q0f.fits _Q0F.FITS Science data quality RAW y0dv0206r_q0f.fits
yxxxxxxxx_shf.fits _SHF.FITS Standard header packet RAW y0dv0206r_shf.fits
yxxxxxxxx_ulf.fits _ULF.FITS Unique data log RAW y0dv0206r_ulf.fits
yxxxxxxxx_x0f.fits _X0F.FITS Science header line RAW y0dv0206r_x0f.fits
yxxxxxxxx_xqf.fits _XQF.FITS Science header line data quality RAW y0dv0206r_xqf.fits
yxxxxxxxx_c0f.fits _C0F.FITS Calibrated wavelengths CALIB y0dv0206r_c0f.fits
yxxxxxxxx_c1f.fits _C1F.FITS Calibrated fluxes CAL y0dv0206r_c1f.fits
yxxxxxxxx_c2f.fits _C2F.FITS Propagated statistical error CAL y0dv0206r_c2f.fits
yxxxxxxxx_c4f.fits _C4F.FITS Count rate CAL y0dv0206r_c4f.fits
yxxxxxxxx_c5f.fits _C5F.FITS Flat-fielded object spectra CAL y0dv0206r_c5f.fits
yxxxxxxxx_c7f.fits _C7F.FITS Background spectra CAL y0dv0206r_c7f.fits
yxxxxxxxx_poa.fits _POA.FITS Post observation archive (ST-ECF products ) CAL y0dv0206r_poa.fits
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