Queue run images and catalogues

In addition to the full CFHTLS Deep stacks, stacks which only combine data from particular queue runs have been generated. You may find these stacks useful for various time-sensitive investigations.

You can download the data with Advanced Search. The CFHT queue run is part of the Obs. ID.

The data was processed with MegaPipe in a similar manner to the full CFHTLS Deep stacks. The queue run stacks are astrometrically registered to the full stacks and are exactly the same size. The photometric calibration is also the same: all the images are scaled to a photometric zero-point of 30 in AB magnitudes. The catalogues were generated with SExtractor using this parameter file.

Not all the queue run data was processed. Only images with seeing/image quality better than IQ=1.0'' where included in the stacks. The IQ values used for this determination are the Elixir values, which are occasionally in error. Stacks were only generated for queue runs where 5 or more suitable images were taken in a given filter. This is why, for example, there are no stacks for the U-band in the D2.

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