Deep Fields (best seeing)

This page contains links to the best seeing version of the CFHTLS Deep Fields data. It only includes input images with the best image quality (seeing). The output image quality is 0.65 arcseconds in all bands except U, where the IQ is 0.8 arcseconds. The rationale for which images were included in the best seeing images is discussed on the best seeing image selection page. There is also a full version of the data which is deeper, but has inferior image quality.

A detailed data description follows the tables of links. There is a list of the input images and limiting magnitudes. As an alternative to the direct links, use the check boxes to select multiple data sets and then click on the "Download" button to use CADC's DownloadManager.

Download images and catalogues


02:26:00.00 -04:30:00.0 (VIRMOS F02, XMM-LSS)

Multiband catalogue
D1.IQ.U.fits D1.IQ.U.weight.fits
D1.IQ.G.fits D1.IQ.G.weight.fits
D1.IQ.R.fits D1.IQ.R.weight.fits
D1.IQ.I.fits D1.IQ.I.weight.fits
D1.IQ.Z.fits D1.IQ.Z.weight.fits


10:00:20.00 +02:12:21.0 (COSMOS Field)

Multiband catalogue
D2.IQ.U.fits D2.IQ.U.weight.fits
D2.IQ.G.fits D2.IQ.G.weight.fits
D2.IQ.R.fits D2.IQ.R.weight.fits
D2.IQ.I.fits D2.IQ.I.weight.fits
D2.IQ.Z.fits D2.IQ.Z.weight.fits


14:17:54.00 +52:30:31.0 (Extended Groth Strip and CFRS)

Multiband catalogue
D3.IQ.U.fits D3.IQ.U.weight.fits
D3.IQ.G.fits D3.IQ.G.weight.fits
D3.IQ.R.fits D3.IQ.R.weight.fits
D3.IQ.I.fits D3.IQ.I.weight.fits
D3.IQ.Z.fits D3.IQ.Z.weight.fits


22:15:31.67 -17:44:05.7

Multiband catalogue
D4.IQ.U.fits D4.IQ.U.weight.fits
D4.IQ.G.fits D4.IQ.G.weight.fits
D4.IQ.R.fits D4.IQ.R.weight.fits
D4.IQ.I.fits D4.IQ.I.weight.fits
D4.IQ.Z.fits D4.IQ.Z.weight.fits
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