Hubble Space Telescope

Hubble Space Telescope STIS filenames

STIS filenames

Note: The STIS files names are all starting with the letter 'O'

Note: Please consult the full documentation Here

CADC file names File Suffix Description Units Type Access Example
oxxxxxxxx_raw.fits _RAW.FITS Raw science1 RAW O3X002050_RAW
oxxxxxxxx_spt.fits _SPT.FITS Support, planning & telemetry information RAW O3X002050_spt.fits
oxxxxxxxx_wav.fits _WAV.FITS Associate wavecal exposure RAW O3X002050_wav.fits
oxxxxxxxx_wsp.fits _WSP.FITS The _spt file for _wav (wavecal) RAW O3X002050_wsp.fits
oxxxxxxxx_flt.fits _FLT.FITS Flatfielded science CAL O3X002050_flt.fits
oxxxxxxxx_crj.fits _CRJ.FITS Cosmic ray-rejected, flatfielded science CAL O3X002050_crj.fits
oxxxxxxxx_x1d.fits _X1D.FITS 1-D extracted spectra: aperture extracted, background subtracted, flux and wavelength calibrated spectra CAL O3X002050_x1d.fits
oxxxxxxxx_x2d.fits _X2D.FITS 2-D extracted data: rectified, wavelength and flux calibrated spectra or geometrically corrected imaging data. CAL O3X002050_x2d.fits
oxxxxxxxx_sx1.fits _SX1.FITS Summed 1-D extracted spectra CAL O3X002050_sx1.fits
oxxxxxxxx_sx2.fits _SX2.FITS Summed 2-D extracted spectra CAL O3X002050_sx2.fits
oxxxxxxxx_trl.fits _TRL.FITS Historical record of pipeline processing Raw data from isolated wavecals, biases, darks, and flats CAL O3X002050_trl.fits
oxxxxxxxx_jitter.png _JITTER.PNG Graphical representation of the jitter information OMS O3X002050_jitter.png
oxxxxxxxx_prev.fits _PREV.FITS Preview in FITS format PREVIEW O3X002050_prev.fits
oxxxxxxxx_prev.png _PREV.PNG Preview in PNG format PREVIEW O3X002050_prev.png