Hubble Space Telescope

Hubble Space Telescope HRS filenames

HRS filenames

Note: The HRS files names are all starting with the letter 'Z'

Note: Please consult the full documentation Here

CADC file names (proxy) File Suffix Description Units Type Access Example
zxxxxxxxx.d0f.fits .D0F.FITS Raw science data RAW z0d80106t.d0f.fits
zxxxxxxxx.q0f.fits .Q0F.FITS Data quality for raw science image RAW z0d80106t.q0f.fits
zxxxxxxxx.x0f.fits .X0F.FITS Extracted engineering data RAW z0d80106t.x0f.fits
zxxxxxxxx.xqf.fits .XQF.FITS Data quality for extracted engineering data RAW z0d80106t.xqf.fits
zxxxxxxxx.shf.fits .SHF.FITS Standard Header Packet RAW z0d80106t.shf.fits
zxxxxxxxx.ulf.fits .ULF.FITS Unique Data Log RAW z0d80106t.ulf.fits
zxxxxxxxx.trl.fits .TRL.FITS Trailer file RAW z0d80106t.trl.fits
zxxxxxxxx.c0f.fits .C0F.FITS Calibrated wavelength solution CAL z0d80106t.c0f.fits
zxxxxxxxx.c1f.fits .C1F.FITS Calibrated science data (fluxes) CAL z0d80106t.c1f.fits
zxxxxxxxx.c2f.fits .C2F.FITS Propagated statistical error CAL z0d80106t.c2f.fits
zxxxxxxxx.c3f.fits .C3F.FITS Calibrated special diodes CAL z0d80106t.c3f.fits
zxxxxxxxx.c4f.fits .C4F.FITS Special diodes data quality CAL z0d80106t.c4f.fits
zxxxxxxxx.c5f.fits .C5F.FITS Background CAL z0d80106t.c5f.fits
zxxxxxxxx.cqf.fits .CQF.FITS Calibrated science data quality CAL z0d80106t.cqf.fits
zxxxxxxxx_jitter.png _JITTER.PNG Jitter files (post- and pre-COSTAR) OMS z0d80106t_jitter.png
zxxxxxxxx_prev.fits _PREV.FITS Preview in FITS format PREVIEW z0d80106t_prev.fits
zxxxxxxxx_prev.png _PREV.PNG Preview in PNG format PREVIEW z0d80106t_prev.png