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Observation Constraints

  • Observation ID
  • P.I. Name
  • Proposal ID
  • Proposal Title
  • Proposal Keywords
  • Data Release Date

Spatial Constraints

  • Target
    - Or -
    - Or -
  • Pixel Scale

Temporal Constraints

  • Observation Date
    - Or -
  • Integration Time
  • Time Span

Spectral Constraints

  • Spectral Coverage
  • Spectral Sampling
  • Resolving Power
  • Bandpass Width
  • Rest-frame Energy


Coordinates (RA Dec)

Object Type

Morphology Type

Time (ms)

Additional Constraints

Observation Constraints

  • obs_id
  • target_name
  • obs_release_date

Spatial Constraints

  • s_region
    - Or -
    - Or -
  • s_fov
  • s_resolution
  • s_xel1
  • s_xel2


  • t_coverage
    - Or -
  • t_exptime
  • t_resolution
  • t_xel
  • pol_state
  • pol_xel

Spectral Constraints

  • em_coverage
  • em_res_power
  • em_xel

Additional Constraints

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ADQL Query

Search Help

Advanced Search is a unified portal to all the data collections stored at CADC. Queries can be constrained by a wide variety of metadata including observation details, position, time and energy.

The CADC contains millions of observations. To ensure that your computer is not overwhelmed we limit the size of interactive queries to 30,000 rows. Selecting multiple constraints on the search page will improve the chances that the data you are looking for appears in your search result. One can further refine the query on the results page using filtering, sorting and previews, so more liberal initial queries can be used so long as they do not exceed the 30,000 row limit (note that for downloading the results as a file there is no limit).

Tooltips that appear when you hover over the constraint boxes give clickable search examples and show the possible units in which to enter numerical quantities.

Results Help

Search results appear in a table on this page. A maximum of 30,000 rows are contained in this table. By default the displayed table contains all these rows and can be scrolled through quickly. If preferred, the table can be split into multiple pages using the controls under the table.

The full tabular results of the query can be downloaded by clicking on the "Download complete query results" link above the table.

Columns in the results table may be sorted by clicking on the column header cell and filtered by entering filter value(s) in the box below each column heading. The units of some numerical fields can be controlled by selectors under the filtering boxes. The "Manage Column Display" link above the results table displays a popup box that shows all available metadata columns and allows user control of column selection and ordering.

The leftmost column contains tick boxes to mark datasets for download. After selecting the required rows of data, click the "Download" button to invoke the Download Manager.