Hubble Space Telescope

Hubble Space Telescope FOC filenames

FOC filenames

Note: The FOC files names are all starting with the letter 'X'

Note: Please consult the full documentation Here

CADC file names (proxy) File Suffix Description Units Type Access Example
xxxxxxxxxx.d0f.fits .D0F.FITS Raw science data RAW x09b5201r.d0f.fits
xxxxxxxxxx.q0f.fits .Q0F.FITS Data quality for raw science data RAW x09b5201r.q0f.fits
xxxxxxxxxx.shf.fits .SHF.FITS Standard header packet containing observation parameters RAW x09b5201r.d0f.fits
xxxxxxxxxx.ulf.fits .ULF.FITS Unique data log RAW x09b5201r.ulf.fits
xxxxxxxxxx.c0f.fits .C0F.FITS dezoomed, geometrically corrected data, with photometry CAL x09b5201r.c0f.fits
xxxxxxxxxx.c1f.fits .C1F.FITS All of the above, plus flatfielded data CAL x09b5201r.c1f.fits
xxxxxxxxxx.trl.fits .TRL.FITS Trailer file RAW x09b5201r.trl.fits
xxxxxxxxxx_prev.fits _PREV.FITS Preview in FITS format PREV x09b5201r_prev.fits
xxxxxxxxxx_prev.png _PREV.PNG Preview in PNG format PREVIEW x09b5201r_prev.jpg
xxxxxxxxxx_jitter.png _JITTER.PNG Graphical representation of the jitter information OMS x09b5201r_jitter.png