DAOSPEC is a Fortran program that automatically finds absorption lines in a stellar spectrum, fits the continuum, measures equivalent widths, and identifies lines with a laboratory linelist; it also provides a radial velocity estimate. DAOSPEC is designed to work on extracted one-dimensional spectra that have been binned linear in wavelength, either in FITS or in IRAF (.imh + .pix) format. The cookbook describes how to obtain, install, configure, and use DAOSPEC.

DAOSPEC manual

Here is a copy of the agreement that must be signed and returned before I can give you the software: agreement.txt. The same agreement and the address below will also work for DAOPHOT.

Contact address:

Peter B. Stetson
Dominion Astrophysical Observatory
5071 West Saanich Road
Victoria, British Columbia V9E 2E7

See also: Elena Pancino's DAOSPEC page.