This page presents a World-Wide-Web link into the CADC's Gemini Science Archive (GSA), the database of observations obtained with the Gemini North Telescope on Mauna Kea, Hawaii, and the Gemini South Telescope on Cerro Pachon, Chile. It allows searches by important criteria such as object name and science program ID, and presents the results of the search in a tabular format. The GSA Data Retrieval facility allows archive users to download archival data directly to their own computers.

The current release of the GSA is version 2.0. See the What's New? link in the "Help" menu for a summary of recent additions to the archive.

Proprietary data can also be retrieved, but only by the Principal Investigator (PI) of the science program in question and any colleagues the PI has granted access to that program's data. These users must also register with the CADC in order to enable authorization tests to be made before such proprietary data is accessed. The current proprietary period for Gemini data is 18 months from the time of the observation. PIs can register their Gemini Program ID's with the CADC and access their data by selecting the Access your PI Data item in the "Proprietary Data Access" menu.

To perform a search for the Gemini Science Archive, simply select one of the data sources to query in the menu at the top. In most cases you will want to start with a search of the science catalogue, but a search of the data superset catalogue may be useful for retrieval of calibration data. Weather and environmental data can also be viewed. Use the Retrieve Gemini SV Data link in the "GSA Queries" menu to retrieve Gemini System Verification data packages.

The "Help" menu will get you started if you're confused by the query form. Select Form Help for more detailed instructions on making efficient use of the query form. In most cases descriptions of each field in a form can be retrieved by clicking on the field's link.