Documentation Working with CAOM2

Working with CAOM2

For observations to appear in the CADC search services the CAOM record that describes the observation will need to be loaded into the CADC CAOM repository. Loading an observation involves ‘PUTTING’ the file to a CADC web service. The web service will parse the file and create a database record. The software is used to perform this task.

After uploading the XML document a new CAOM record is added to the CADC CAOM database. New CAOM records can be found using the getObservation2 web pages.

On that web page click on the name of the COLLECTION and on the following page click on observationID of the CAOM record, only the most recent 100 entries are visible with this service. The getObservation2 page enables confirmation of the metadata harvesting process.

About 20 minutes after the record has been sent via the client the full observation will appear in search results. Go to the Advanced Search page to make sure that is happening.