Documentation pyCAOM


CAOM XML records can be created and modified using customized software built off the pyCAOM Python module. This module enables the user to create more complex relations between observational datasets than can be achieved using the fits2caom process. The pyCAOM module assists the user in creating CAOM objects which can then be written to an XML file and uploaded to the CADC caom2repo service.


As this a Python module the installation follows a very standard pattern:

pip install

Or one can download the tar file, unpack and examine the contents and do the installation manually. The pyCAOM2 module require having the lxml module installed also.


pyCAOM2 is a python module that enables customized software to be written. One must build the various objects that will make up the Observation records, put them together and then write out the XML.

Example is a bare-bones example of how one might use pyCAOM to build a CAOM XML record.

Download and, assuming one has a single FITS image named exposure.fits then the command:

python exposure.fits

will produce the file exposure.xml which could then be ingested using