This is the first Public Data Release (DR1), including all GOGREEN and GCLASS data. It is described in the accompanying paper, Balogh et al. (2020).

Together, these surveys provide deep photometry and spectroscopy for 26 galaxy clusters in the redshift range 0.8<z<1.5. The clusters span a wide range of halo masses, from large groups to the most massive clusters at these redshifts, and the spectroscopy samples the full cluster virial regions, including all spectral types for galaxies with stellar masses >2e10 solar masses.

This release includes multiwavelength photometry (imaging, catalogues and derived products) and R=440 spectroscopy for all systems in GOGREEN and GCLASS, except SpARCS1033. The spectroscopic catalogue includes 2257 galaxies with good redshifts, including nearly 800 cluster members. Reduced HST/WFC3 imaging is provided in the F160W (GOGREEN) and F140W (GCLASS) filters. We also provide reduced archival ACS/F606W and ACS/F814W images for the three SPT clusters in GOGREEN.

Finally the data release includes two python3 Jupyter notebooks for reading, manipulating and plotting the data.

For more details on the data release contents, see http://gogreensurvey.ca/data-releases/data-packages/gogreen-and-gclass-first-data-release/ and the accompanying publication, Balogh et al. (2020).

This page provides links to the data of the GOGREEN Public Release DR1: