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Gemini is deploying a new archive system (see here for details). This page and other CADC GSA pages will be removed at the end of December 2015. However, the CADC will continue to provide access to public Gemini data through its Advanced Search interface and Virtual Observatory services.

Gemini Science Archive Gemini NIRI System Verification Data

Gemini NIRI System Verification Data

Data taken as part of NIRI System Verification (SV) or for other engineering purposes that are deemed to be of scientific value are made public after an assessment period typically not longer than 2 months. You are encouraged to take these datasets and assess or use them yourself.

The available NIRI data packages are listed below. The table includes the data package reference name, (astronomical) target name and a brief summary of the data. The description is contained within the data package itself. Click on the hyperlinks to download the raw or processed data (generally the processing was taken to a state that allowed quality assessment and therefore may not represent the best possible reduction e.g. for scientific analysis).

The data sets are saved as gzipped tar files, and should be saved to disk. For each program there will be one file containing all the reduced images and documentation. The raw data are distributed in gzipped tar files, one for each night's data. Calibration data, including calibration unit flats, darks, and standard star measurements are available in separate gzipped tar files (one for each night of raw data and one for the reduced data). You may retrieve these files by using "shift+click" or "right-click" plus choose "save" from your browser's menu.

In addition to the gzipped tar data sets, preview images and final co-adds (JPEG or FITS formats) are available for some data. The text files that describe the data (distributed with the tar files) are also available. Observing Tool (OT) files in XML format are available for some programs.

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Data Package Name /
Release Date
Program Title Text Summary Preview Data Packages

1 Nov 2001
Deep JKp Imaging of the redshift 0.426 cluster MS1621.5+2640 GN-2001A-SV-6 Summary

GN-2001A-SV-6 OT file
GN-2001A-SV-6 JPEG (partial) Reduced (Not yet available)
GN-2001A-SV-6 Raw 2001may20 (76 Mb)
GN-2001A-SV-6 Raw 2001may21 (101 Mb)
GN-2001A-SV-6 Raw 2001may22 (172 Mb)
GN-2001A-SV-6 Raw 2001may23 (157 Mb)
GN-2001A-SV-6 Raw 2001may24 (122 Mb)
GN-2001A-SV-6 Raw 2001may25 ( Mb)
GN-2001A-SV-6 Raw 2001may26 ( Mb)
GN-2001A-SV-6 Raw 2001may27 ( Mb)
GN-2001A-SV-6 Raw 2001may28 ( Mb)
GN-2001A-SV-6 Reduced calib (421 Mb)

System Verification images of the z=0.4 cluster MS1621.5+2640 at broadband J and Kprime (1.1 and 2.1 microns). The total integration time is 18240 sec (5 hr) at Kprime in the overlap region, and half that on the non-overlapping region. At J the total integration is 16,800 sec (4.67 hr) in the overlapping region. The median image quality between 0.5 and 0.6 arcsec FWHM. Data were collected 20-28 May 2001. The preview above is coadded from a subset of the data taken on one night only. The combined and reduced data set is not yet available.

PIs: David Crampton, Simon Morris, and Inger Jorgensen.


11 Oct 2001
23 Oct 2001
Probing Cosmology with High-Redshift Type Ia Supernovae GN-2001A-SV-19 Summary

GN-2001A-SV-19 OT file
GN-2001A-SV-19 FITS

GN-2001A-SV-19 JPEG
GN-2001A-SV-19 Reduced (90 Mb)
GN-2001A-SV-19 Raw 2001may20 (139 Mb)
GN-2001A-SV-19 Raw 2001may21 (280 Mb)
GN-2001A-SV-19 Raw 2001may23 (270 Mb)
GN-2001A-SV-19 Raw 2001may24 (316 Mb)
GN-2001A-SV-19 Reduced calib (421 Mb)

System Verification images of the type Ia supernova "Satie" at broadband J (1.1 microns). The total integration time is 30,000 sec (8.33 hr), and the co-added image quality between 0.5 and 0.6 arcsec FWHM. Data collected 20, 21, 23, and 24 May 2001. PIs: Isobel Hook and Saul Perlmutter.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Airmass, gain, read noise, and non-linear level header keywords in the reduced images fixed and replaced on the Gemini ftp site on 23 Oct 2001. Raw data were unaffected. Also corrected the total integration time in the paragraph above.


11 Oct 2001
JHKp Imaging of AFGL 2591 GN-2001A-SV-20 Summary GN-2001A-SV-20 FITS
GN-2001A-SV-20 JPEG
GN-2001A-SV-20 Reduced (9.4 Mb)
GN-2001A-SV-20 Raw 2001may26 (68 Mb)
GN-2001A-SV-20 Reduced calib (421 Mb)

Engineering images of the young star AFGL 2591 at broadband J, H, and Kprime, also used as a "pretty picture" for public relations (see the press release for more information).

Total integration time is 2 min at J, 1 min at H and Kprime. The co-added image quality is between 0.3 and 0.4 arcsec FWHM. Data collected 26 May 2001. PI: Colin Aspin.


11 Oct 2001
Baseline calibrations CAL-GN-2001A-SV Summary - CAL-GN-2001A-SV Reduced (421 Mb)
CAL-GN-2001A-SV Raw 2001may20 (130 Mb)
CAL-GN-2001A-SV Raw 2001may21 (205 Mb)
CAL-GN-2001A-SV Raw 2001may22 (164 Mb)
CAL-GN-2001A-SV Raw 2001may23 (220 Mb)
CAL-GN-2001A-SV Raw 2001may24 (266 Mb)
CAL-GN-2001A-SV Raw 2001may25 (256 Mb)
CAL-GN-2001A-SV Raw 2001may26 (289 Mb)
CAL-GN-2001A-SV Raw 2001may27 (267 Mb)
CAL-GN-2001A-SV Raw 2001may28 (198 Mb)

Baseline calibration data collected for all System Verification and engineering observations taken during the period 20 to 28 May, 2001. Data sets include calibration unit flat field images, bad pixel masks, dark frames, and standard star measurements.