Rotation Curves and Surface Brightness Profiles of 304 Bright Spirals
Author: Stéphane Courteau



This is a catalogue which gives information about Stéphanne Courteau's photometry and spectroscopy on a vast sample of UGC galaxies. .

UGC # Rotation curves
# Brightness profiles 1-b/a
Inclination Heliocentric velocity
Local Group Velocity CMB Velocity
Delta V15 log(Delta V15)-2.5
Delta V20 log(Delta V20)-2.5
Vmax log(Vmax)-2.5
Vdisk=V2.2 log(Vdisk)-2.5
Viso log(Viso)-2.5
Vopt=V3.2 log(Vopt)-2.5
Whist log(Whist)-2.5
Log_slope (model) Log_slope (data)
Log_slope (23) Sampled points (23)
Standard deviation(23) Log_slope (24)
Standard deviation(24) Sampled points (24)
Radius @ R23 (kpc) Radius @ R24 (kpc)
Radius @ R25 (kpc) Rot. curve max extent (")
Rot. curve max extent (kpc) Scale length (")
Scale length (kpc) RC max extent / R3.2
RC max extent / Scale length RC peak radius/ Scale length
R mag @ SB23 R mag @ SB24
R mag @ SB25 Galactic extinction (Milky Way)
Internal extinction Corrected R mag
R mag @ 2.2
scale length
Absolute R mag @ SB23
Absolute R mag @ SB25 Absolute R mag @ 2.2
scale length
Absolute Total R mag Absolute RC3 B mag
B-R B luminosity
B luminosity / L* Disk / Total light
Disk light /
light @ 2.2scale length
Central surface brightness
Distance (Mpc) Conversion from " to kpc
Exponent in model 2 Rt(model 2)/R3.2
Freeman type Quiet Hubble flow
Hubble type

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